Reconstructive Dentistry

Your tooth enamel is the hardest substance in your entire body. But unfortunately, things like injuries or cavities can weaken our tooth structure. When that happens, a reconstructive plan is necessary to make your smile whole again. Functional, durable dental restorations enhance both your biting and chewing abilities as well as your appearance!


Each of our custom restorations is matched for optimal aesthetics to blend in with surrounding teeth. If you have a missing tooth or one that’s broken down, we can rebuild the area in a way that makes your smile look like it used to (or even better.)


During your exam and consultation, we’ll discuss the variety of smile rehabilitation options available. Together we’ll weigh the advantages of each one, to select the best solution for your lifestyle, preferences, and budget.

"My family and I have been going to Dr. Segal for well over a decade. We had the option of going with a cheaper HMO dentist but chose to pay more out of pocket to get the best dentist in South Florida. Dr. Matthew Segal is caring, has a great sense of humor, and his whole staff (thanks Tima!) make you feel welcomed. And if you're into anything ocean, this is the place for you. Enjoy!" - DiVitto Kelly

Broken and missing teeth aren’t just a cosmetic concern. They impact everything from nutritional absorption to your self-esteem. A functional, sound bite is crucial to the best quality of life. So, when you have broken or missing teeth, we can help you achieve realistic goals that put a smile back on your face.

Our reconstructive dentistry treatments can also be combined with cosmetic and emergency care. No matter what your current oral health status is, we’ll do everything possible to help you preserve the natural teeth you still have. But if those teeth are non-restorable, you can count on us to have the treatment options you’re looking for. Chances are that you’ll probably want to use two or three different options together.

Worried about dental insurance? Our financial coordinators will work with your carrier to help you maximize the coverage you’re entitled to. Just be sure to bring a copy of your insurance card to your exam. We’ll verify your benefits and use that information to curate a care plan that outlines the costs involved so that you know exactly what to expect. If something isn’t covered by insurance or you’ve already used up all of your benefits, feel free to ask us about one of our flexible monthly payment options.


Dental Implants

There’s no better way to replace missing teeth than with today’s modern dental implants. Implants are a hypoallergenic, biocompatible restoration that’s designed to mirror the anatomy of a natural tooth root. Once installed, their durability and strength make it possible to restore your entire smile. In most cases, we use individual implants to support a dental crown (for single tooth replacement.) We can also use implants in pairs to anchor porcelain bridges. As few as four implants can even anchor a full-arch hybrid restoration.

Dental implants offer a host of benefits. Not only are they non-invasive to other teeth, but they also fuse with your healthy bone to become a permanent part of your smile. Their integration capabilities help to preserve your facial profile and reinforce adjacent teeth.

Although implants require careful planning and a few different visits to complete, they’re able to outlast and outperform all other types of traditional tooth replacements. When properly cared for, you can typically expect implants to last for the rest of your life.

Getting dental implants installed is more comfortable than most people expect! Only a small amount of local anesthetic is needed to numb the gum tissues. Your bone doesn’t contain pain receptors, so the implant can be installed quite quickly, and recovery time is kept to a minimum.


A properly aligned bite is less likely to experience:

  • Heavy tartar buildup and stain

  • Gum disease

  • Tooth decay

  • TMJ disorder

  • Premature enamel wear


Unfortunately, not all of us are gifted with a naturally straight smile. That’s why we offer comprehensive orthodontics for adults and teens alike. Depending on the severity of your tooth misalignment, we can use conventional orthodontic systems (braces) or even a removable aligner system similar to Invisalign.

Depending on your bite’s current alignment, the length of time spent in braces or aligners averages around 12-18 months. Some people only need about six months (for aesthetic cases related to front teeth) while others require up to two years.

During your orthodontic consultation, we’ll assess your bite alignment and give you an estimate as to how long possible treatment will take to complete. There is no commitment necessary, so scheduling an orthodontic evaluation is the best way to make an informed choice about whether or not braces are right for you.

Is there such a thing as being too old for orthodontic treatment? Absolutely not! Straightening your teeth can help to enhance your oral health and minimize common dental complications in the future. It’s fairly common for adults of all ages to pursue treatments with removable aligners or more discreet styles of braces.


Porcelain Crowns & Fixed Bridges

Porcelain dental materials are both durable and attractive. When you have a broken or missing tooth, we’re able to have your porcelain restoration matched to blend in with the adjacent teeth. That way you can feel confident in the way your smile looks and feels.

Dental crowns are one such example. Porcelain crowns (also called “caps”) are a protective cover that fully encompasses weak, worn, broken, or decayed teeth. Crowns are also used on teeth that have received root canal treatment or were replaced with a dental implant. They usually require a two-visit process to place, ensuring that our lab can handcraft the final restoration for optimal aesthetics.

If your tooth is missing or needs to be extracted, a dental bridge may be the best way to restore that part of your smile. Bridges look like 3-4 crowns in a row, with either end being set on top of a supporting tooth or dental implant. Like crowns, bridges are handcrafted from porcelain and require about two appointments to complete. When placed on dental implants, we can restore anywhere from 3-4 teeth at a time, eliminating the need for a partial denture!

Crowns and bridges don’t decay, but they still require daily brushing and flossing to prevent the supporting tooth as healthy as possible.

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